Galleria d’Orlane is located in a plush historical house constructed in the late 15th century in the old town centre of Casalmaggiore in the Italian province of Cremona. The architecture of the house echoes the Proto-Renaissance canons of the Po Valley, characterised by the use of exposed terracotta brickwork and panels decorated with plant motifs framing the vast first floor windows on all three sides of the house. An ornamental quatrefoil motif can be seen on the fascia stretching around the perimeter of the building under the eaves. This motif is inspired by similar Venetian clay decorations and is lasting evidence of the cultural legacy that the Serenissima Repubblica of Venice left behind in Casalmaggiore in the 15th century during its brief supremacy.
The building has been revived in line with the original features of the rooms. Antique materials were used to restore floors, ceilings and walls while the furnishings comply with the canons of the 16th and 17th centuries. The paintings are presented across two floors of the building, while a third floor provides a space for exhibitions. New rooms in the neoclassical building to the back of the gallery were opened in 2013. These rooms house the library, photo gallery, private study and a few paintings from the owner's private collection.


Galleria d’Orlane was founded in 1984 by Dr. Gianluca Bocchi. Since then, the gallery has hosted some of the biggest Italian market exhibitions of antique art and organised themed exhibits inside the ancient Casalmaggiore house as well as in other locations.
The gallery looks for artworks for its collections on both the Italian and international markets. The main Italian clientele are museums, collectors and enthusiasts of historical Italian 16th, 17th and 18th century painting. The gallery can look for ancient works from the 15th and 19th centuries on request.
The main international clientele are museums, collectors and overseas dealers seeking original, high quality paintings from historical or recent private collections. Gianluca Bocchi is a member of the Italian Antiquarians Association (A.A.I.) in Florence, the Italian Federation of Art Dealers (F.I.M.A.) in Milan and the International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers' Associations (C.I.N.O.A.) in Brussels.